It's BAAAaaack

It's been a long time.  The site has been resurrected with a fresh coat of style.  Not sure I'm in love with it, but we'll give it some time to sink in. 

A lot has happened since my last post:
  • With my loving wife's support, I returned to school and completed my second degree.  
  • My one and only grandmother passed away.  I miss her.  
  • My wife's roller derby team won the championship!  
  • We moved from our awesome little home in Madison, Wisconsin to our new home in Durham, North Carolina.  
  • We both found new jobs, and that's a real blessing in this economy.  I'm doing programming work for a great company in Durham and my wife is working at an assisted living facility.  
  • My wife is now back in school for nutrition. 
Wow...  That's all in a little less than two years. 

I've even managed to do some modeling!  It hasn't been well documented and I intend to right that wrong.  My studio was left with the house in Madison, so I'll need to start building all my furniture again.  I've got some ideas for some improvements this time around!  We'll see how fast it can all come together.   Maybe someone is even still paying attention to this blog....  Naaaah...  let's not get silly.