Weekly Update: My favorite part of Mordor

Fully painted Mordor Troll from the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings range

Giant trolls. They're tough to beat if you're looking for big and ugly. While their rules in War of the Ring make them a bit soft, the fellow below will soon pretty-up a table for as long as he lasts.

The Mordor Troll is a great model and a blast to paint. This project was begun and finished in about one week of heavy painting. The more recent plastic troll kits give you plenty of options, but none beat the more detailed sculpt of this metal giant. It's just unfortunate that he was one of the severe casualties of the recent GW price increase. If you can find one of these guys for less than the ludicrous amount those citrus suckers are asking, pick one up! I didn't take great work-in-progress pics for this effort, but a tutorial post will be coming soon.


Eddplemular said...

Dude!!! that is an awesome giant!!! it would be awesome to make those things....keep up the good work!! I'm trying to get in on Warhammer, but it's quite expensive, do you think?

Midloo said...

Hey Morsfalx,

Thanks for the comment!

Yeah it's not a cheap hobby, fortunately for me, my job doesn't pay much either :)

If you're just getting into the hobby, I'd recommend checking out your local shop for more product info. Get to know the folks there and you'll be surprised how many deals you'll find.

Thanks for stopping by.

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