Weekly Update: It's all about the Stegadon

This was a busy week with a trip out of state. The house is a disaster and should be cleaned, but the studio is always a disaster and hanging out in there keeps the real work at bay. Lots of work was done on the Steg model today. The highlights are coming along nicely and I'm trying out some hatching techniques that I think have been mostly successful. By hatching, I mean the fine highlighted lines that run across places like the jaw, back legs, etc. It's often used to describe a shape when you're drawing or painting on a flat surface. I've seen other folks use it on models as well and liked the results. There's plenty of detail work left to do - all the horns and spikes need highlights, metals need painting, and the howdah is in progress. Check out the little duffer:

7th edition Stegadon WIP 2
7th edition Stegadon WIP - detail of head 2
7th edition Stegadon WIP - detail of head
7th edition Stegadon WIP


brett_bunge said...

This is beautiful!

Midloo said...

Thanks for your comment, Brett! Attempting to make filthy lizards beautiful is my charge :)

Mr B said...

just wow sir

Anonymous said...

Incredible and Impressive!! Your mom is amazed!!

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