A Poor Man's Oven

I'm impatient and I use modeling epoxy frequently. I also have a bad habit of sticking my thumb right into a painstakingly crafted sculpt that is not yet dry. Are you in this boat as well? No!?... Then go hang out on this website with my wife: (i like to party)

For the handful of you not distracted by the lifestyles of the wealthy and woebegone - I present to you, a can. This will become our oven and mine originally held 30 oz of beans. If you can still find coffee in one of these, buy it, throw out or freebase the contents, and get to work.

photograph of Midloo wearing respirator

Is that Darth Vader's nerdish brother?

Safety first with projects like these. I'll be using a rotary tool to cut into this thick can and the fumes and flash can get unpleasant. Respirator and cool-goggles are a must. See here for the repercussions of doing this with another in the area.

I want a door for my creations and a vent for the heat - this cut will accomplish both.

Finally, a cheap-o incandescent lamp is mounted above the can. Voila! One poor man's oven. The heat can be controlled by moving the light source away from the can - what a feature! I find that positioning it about 2" above the lid and cooking for 10 minutes gets the piece to the point that an errant finger won't mangle a fresh sculpt. Be careful - too much heat and your greens can melt.

Don't try to heat up any nachos in here after baking your epoxy sculpts either. That's not healthy.


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