One Cool Krox

I spent the Valentine's weekend with two things I love: My wife, and an 11 year old model of a foolishly named lizard-creature: the Kroxigor. One of those two is tucked into bed with me every night, and the other will do the dishes every now and again if I ask sweetly.

This is the model that was destined for the product of 'Basing 202'. Again, I wanted the model to be based in the natural world and referenced a number of my photos from the local zoo before deciding upon a hybrid alligator/iguana color scheme.

Fully Painted 5th edition Kroxigor


John Gaszak said...

Like I mentioned elsewhere, I really like the final product of the basing and actual model. The color scheme of the krox compliments the base but still makes the actual model standout from it.

Any chance of getting a picture of this guy surrounded by your skinks?

Midloo said...

Oh yeah! the new list! Good idea, Equinox... though I wish they could still tear through a skink screen like they could in the previous book.

Thanks for the comments here and on WWHFB :)

Mr B said...

Looking hot! I just really love the whole effect.

Midloo said...

Just wait till he's kicking your @## this week... wait... he's been hamstrung in the new book!!! gaaaarrrr!!!!

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