Krox and friends

Two completed 5th edition Kroxigors from Games WorkshopAnother weekend and another bit of work on the Lizard army. After spending some time with the 'completed' Kroxigor model this week, I decided there was nothing wrong with gilding the lily and worked back into some of the painted model and base to dress him up a bit. There is more flora and some highlights that helped flesh out some of the geometry of the model.

No one should be alone in the world, so the Krox received a friend - another 5th edition model in the same painting scheme and with similar basing elements. I wanted these guys to have a naturalist feel to them and was thinking of a dense and humid Bornian jungle during their creation. If these guys don't look hot and muggy, let me know.

"What are those objects in front of them," you might ask? Huge, delicious, powdered donuts...

or a way to track wounds! My original idea was to create a flower stem on its own 20mm base onto which green-stuffed flowers could be placed to track wounds, but I eventually decided to make the counters a part of the model. I think it works - pleasing to the eye and functional... just like my wife. Can't do much better than that.

Two completed 5th edition Kroxigors from Games Workshopclose up of wound counters for Kroxigors
Below is a shot of the pair with their skink contingent. This is nearly the formation they will take on the tabletop per the new Lizardmen codex rules. The final unit will have 16 skinks.

Kroxigor and skink mixed unit


Domus said...

The Krox are really looking great and the bases are aces. The flower wound counters are a really nice touch.

I think if you plan on running them with the skinks you need to give the skinks the same kind of base treament.

Midloo said...

That's a good point - those skinks were the first WHF models I painted and I took a long hiatus for some LotR before getting back into working on this army. there are a few things that could be done to redress them. Those dern bases are tiny though!

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