Dwarven Battle Company

The stunties are ready to strut their stuff on the tabletop. These minis will be incorporated into my Battle Company games in Lord of the Rings. My goal was to create a visually cohesive force comprised of individually recognizable Dwarves. Battle Company rules allow for a lot of customization and after a number of games, these guys started to flesh themselves out as real characters. I wanted their painting to reflect that and allowed their development in the game to inform their finished appearance.

Dwarven battle company from Lord of the Rings Strategy Game

A flock of midgets
There were opportunities for some fun little conversions. One of my company seemed to use his shield better than others, so I highlighted that by lopping it and his hand off the front of the model and moving the shield around to his back. A quick bit of grey stuff and a strap was created as well as the hand holding it. The skull was also quickly modeled with the remaining bit of grey stuff from the project.

Before and After


Mr B said...

I love the diversity! Not really sure how big a battle company gets in LOTR... is the whole company something you are painting a step at a time or are you just kind of adding mini's and painting them up now and then?

I love the conversion. If that dwarf keeps it up you should sculpt him a new shield as big as the miniature itself lol.

Midloo said...

Ha :) Yeah each battle company starts with a base model number provided by the ruleset here: http://oz.games-workshop.com/games/lotr/hobby/gaming/battlecompanies/default.htm

Depending on how they perform in the scenarios, they can "level" and be outfitted with new equipment and abilities... kind of like Blood Bowl and Mordheim from what I'm told. I'll force you to play it next time we hang out :)

They can also be permanently killed and I've lost a couple of these proud warriors on the fields of plastic battle already - time to start re-painting!

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