Madison Games in Middle Earth

I'm a big fan of the tabletop community in my home town of Madison, Wisconsin. There's a great bunch of guys in the local Warhammer Fantasy gang at and the Warmachine/Hordes crew at and . The Warhammer Fantasy board has been kind enough to allow me and a friend to harangue it's members about another Games Workshop line based on a little known book and movie franchise entitled "Lord of the Rings". I've been trying to get a group of gamers together to play a specific LotR game type called Battle Companies... it employs stat tracking and fast paced game scenarios that allow you to build a force of customized killers over time. Last week at our local haunt, Misty Mountain (apt, isn't it?), we played some games and doubled our player base!!! That's right... there are four of us now.

Pictured below left is the big-cheese-with-the-small-legs of my main Dwarf force, and his pal who can't stop upsetting my opponents by hewing off all their limbs:


Mr B said...

Those 2 ankle-biters are looking fierce.

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