Lizzie's Lizzie's Everywhere...

... and not a drop to drink. But really - who would want anything, let alone water, from these tough guys? In celebration of the new Lizardmen book coming out in 2 weeks, I submit the following images of some recently painted skinks:

Though they be little, they be fierce

I was referencing a number of images from my trips to the zoo for these fellas. Skinks are spritely, so I looked to tree frogs and other small lizards. The colors had to be dialed back a bit from real life - you just can't make up things that wild and my worry was that too much color on the tabletop would be distracting... or froot loopy.

These guys were built up slowly in thin glazes. I didn't spend too much time highlighting as they're only core troops, so stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

Below are some conversions I've begun. The theme of the army was originally going to be a Bayou Blues sort of thing. That's been shelved, but the green-stuffed guitar was too much fun and I'll be seeing this guy through to completion. His neighbor, the amp-holder, isn't pictured.


Mr B said...

Priceless! Counts as an axe? =p

Kasper said...

Excellent conversion - love the guitar. Is there a finished picture of him/it?

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