Continuing the Cryx Seether

Second coldest day of the year and for some reason, I'm inspired to work on an army whose principle motif is death... fun! So my model is stripped and has been pulled into its constituent parts. Time to prime.

Now my basement and I have a history of priming with spray paint together. It's not by choice - this stuff turns to a watery mess in the winter weather. But spray-priming in the house has it's detractors as well. I'll recreate a few of them in pictorial form:

All's well aside from a lite-headedness and the
taste of citrus fruit even though I haven't eaten any.

The wife comes home... we should still be good - and
even though I'm poisoning us both (her especially
since there's only one respirator), I'm sure she will
be very reasonable - it's for a good cause.

Wait... that doesn't seem quite right. Maybe the fumes created a temporary forgetishness because I think it was more like:

Bullseye! Yeah that's the one. I still haven't
fixed my hair or that painting on the wall.
Ah the memories...
and the memories you can erase with aerosol.

No no. my wife is very understanding. I'd just rather keep us both away from all the risks that California has figured out and printed on the can labels: deformity, disease, death... hey! just like the Cryx!! Anywho... hand-painted priming it is.

First I clean up all the mold lines. Privateer Press does an amazing job. Their models are incredibly detailed, so I won't give them a lot of flak over the considerable filing that needs to be done.

After each piece is shiny-happy-smooth, it's on to the priming. I use a bit of GW Skull White and cut it with about 25 percent water. Too thin and you'll get bubbles and poor adhesion, too thick and you'll lose some detail.

On more simple models, I would probably reassemble and begin to paint, but this Seether is a special little Nancy with a ton of delicate little dressings. I'll start painting a number of these pieces separately and will bring them together a little bit later in the process.


Bruce and Cara said...

I see a lot of resmeblence between your wife and her mother.
Love, Her mother

Midloo said...

I would hope! she comes from good stock. :)

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