About Midloo

This site exists to showcase my work with miniatures and share painting ideas with others.

I live in Wisconsin with my lovely wife and a house-full of miniatures and paintings. School took me to Philadelphia, New Haven, and New York where I felt very fortunate to be able to explore the art scene in the northeast. My education was in the fine arts of painting and printmaking, and I received a BFA from James Madison University in Virginia. After my years of slavish dedication to the craft, this afforded me an illustrious, but short-lived career in restaurant work after college. An employment-upgrade took me to Chapel Hill, North Carolina where I assisted in the daily operations of Somerhill Gallery. It was a privilege to also absorb the growing arts culture in the south.

I began to focus primarily on miniature painting in 2008. I try to never forget the solid visual foundation I received from my formal education, but I enjoy the fact that this creative work is a hobby that can be explored outside the context of the "fine arts".

Please browse through the site and contact me with any questions, comments, secrets to the meaning of life, etc. Thanks!